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Kenya Safari

In July, 2013 I went to Africa with my son Mark to participate with Anglican clergy and laypersons in a conference that focused on scripture and issues of civil rights and inclusion of people who are gay or lesbian.  Before attending the conference, Mark and I went on a photo safari.  Here are some of our pictures.


Why I Hate Yoga

Preaching sucks.  

Climbing into the pulpit with the expectation that I deliver a message that is moving, entertaining, positive, inspirational, not too long, with moments of humor,  connected to our daily lives and connected to the life of Jesus . . .  Gleaning this message from a  passage that is so familiar it no longer shocks us. . .  Somehow speaking on behalf of the Church, on behalf of God . . .

And then doing it again next week.

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Blog Resurrection

Welcome to my new blog!  My previous blog was hacked and destroyed several months ago and I am finally getting around to bringing it back.  Please comment and let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to include in this blog.